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Surprisingly good

Hydrates very well, purchased a drink bottle as well and love it. The only thing stopping me from giving it a five star is the flavour and it reminded me of the old days of Staminade.

Instant obsession

I ordered the free sample pack to try out the product. I had my first SIP after a long run and I loved how my body felt supported. Recovery was a lot quicker and less muscle fatigue. Will be ordering in bulk !

Game Changing!

As a nutritionist and someone who is extremely active, Im very particular about what I use to fuel and to recover. Sip ticked every box and the product does everything it says on the tin! Its the first thing I drink when I wake up and this has changed the game for me! On big training days its the only thing that makes me feel hydrated after! HIGHLY RECOMMEND

5ml Measuring Spoon
Emily J.
Great taste and flavours

I do intermittent fasting and a lot of exercise, so I wanted to up my electrolytes, and I ordered a sample pack.

My fav flavour is the lemon-lime, but they are all yummy. Not too salty, either. Even my son and husband are in love. I cannot wait to reorder a big bag.

Sip Review

Gday legends, super stoked on the product have trialed it over the past 2 weeks, ive noticed im alot more energetic of an afternoon after working all day in 30+ degree heat, ive always struggled with water intake and staying hydrated with how much i sweat.
In saying that now having something like SIP it allows me to keep well hydrated which now allows me to train after work without feeling cramped or fatigued.
Love the wild Berry flavour it's defiantly a favourite!
Kind regards
Liam williams

Daily Hydration Wildberry

Perfect for all occasions!

I have been smashing the wildberry both pre-exercise and recovering from covid - the perfect pick-me-up (and alternative to straight water).

Perfect for the gym

Tried DrinkSIP for the first time and loved it. The biggest thing i noticed was the rapid reduction in muscle sorness after training and also felt like less lactic acid build up too. Will be back for more and be our go to. Well done on a great product 5 stars

How good!!!

Since adding "Sip" into my daily routine for general daily hydration as well as my replacing the sweat lost when I Run, swim or train CrossFit, I have felt so energetic before/during and after the workout!

There has been times where I would feel like I would crash and burn half way through in the past but I haven't had that once since I've taken this supplement!

Love it!

No longer need other supplements

I now only take sip to my exercise routines. No need to buy another bottle of magnesium as it contains enough. I've travelled with it and take everywhere when I exercise. The recent Karate training trip to Japan, the whole team used SIP everywhere we went.

Best product for pre, during and post workouts!

I appreciate the variety of flavours so I can change it up. I’ve tried all the flavour samples and they all taste great without being too sweet and still being super refreshing! It goes well with or after a workout too!

Great product

I’ve been looking for a simple electrolyte drink for a while now with minimal ingredients and Sip is just that!!! Great quality product and mixes well.

Where have you been?!

I was like BS, sugar free, no dodgy additives, preservatives, full of energy.
Was so sceptical and been proved wrong, thankyou SIP, forever greatful!!!

Tastes great and really works

I bought the sample pack so I could try all the flavours and they're actually all delicious - no weird aftertaste at all like some do. Because they aren't too sweet they go down easy after a workout or even just on a super humid day.

I'm Impressed!

Great tasting! The flavours actually taste like what they are meant to taste like without being too sweet. Sip has been great for when I'm working outside in hot conditions. It's been a game changer for keeping me hydrated.

I'm Impressed!

Great tasting! The flavours actually taste like what they are meant to taste like without being too sweet. Sip has been great for when I'm working outside in hot conditions. It's been a game changer for keeping me hydrated.

Take a Sip, boost hydration!

Tried the sample pack recently. I typically drink either during workouts or post workouts to replenish. Sip is up there as one of the genuinely best hydration supplements. A good mix of flavours, personally the mixed berry and lemon lime hit the mark for me, not being overly sweet and well balanced so very easy to consume. If people like something sweeter the watermelon might suit their taste buds. Give it a try you might like the fact your muscles are less likely to cramp up .

Real deal

This really works! This worked so quickly to rehydrate me it felt like a miracle! Tastes great & I love how the ingredients list is so simple with only the good stuff 👏

Daily Hydration
Gavin T.
Real Rehydration

I've found each of the flavors mellow, great for when I want to gulp down a lot of fluid after a hard gym session and yum for sipping during those long workouts. I appreciate the lower natural sweetness (sugarfree) and all the good stuff jammed into each serving.

Daily Hydration
Matt W.
Beyond belief.

Really enjoyed this. I've been drinking Sip in the afternoon, to beat off hydration and the afternoon slump. As a daily drink I like the low sugar and calorie count. Good range of flavours too. Much better than I expected. Can't recommend enough

Daily Hydration
Ryan P.
Great product!

Great tasting product, I really like fact the product has no sugar or artificial ingredients. Favourite flavour is lemon and lime!

Daily Hydration
Rachel B.
Great taste!

Ticks all the boxes and a great taste!

Daily Hydration
Hannah A.
Love these drinks

Such refreshing & delicious drinks. I love the lemon and lime for a hydrating summer drink after being out for a run. A must try.